Save Ulistac recommends that you vote for the following candidates for Santa Clara City Council in the 2014 election:

Mayor: Jamie Matthews

Seat 2: Dr. Mohammed Nadeem

Seat 5: Dominic Caserta

Reasons For

Jamie Matthews has supported the existence and development of the Ulistac Natural Area since he first got onto the city council. He has continued to support us through the latest threats to the area, and has been willing to meet with Ulistac volunteer leaders to advise them on the situation. He favors the interests of the average Santa Claran over special interests.

Dr. Muhammad Nadeem has been in touch with Save Ulistac and has supported us since the threats to Ulistac developed last year. He wants to represent the voters who have moved to the City, not just those who were born here. Many of our volunteers already support him.

Dominic Caserta We are very encouraged by the unambiguous nature of his commitment to preserving Ulistac and using the Open Space Authority funds in furtherance of the goals.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. 1. Register to vote. Help people you know, to register.
  2. 2. Tell all the Santa Clara residents you know which candidates they should vote for.
  3. Contact the campaigns and ask for campaign material and make a donation. This is especially important for the Nadeem campaign which expects to be opposed by a large amount of special interest money. Here are the campaign websites:

There are also corresponding facebook pages

  1. If you have the time and energy to campaign (distribute literature, talk to people), please send an email to saying at what times of the week you would be available for such tasks.
  2. Follow us and like and share our posts on facebook:
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Save Ulistac


Measure Q in the upcoming election provides funding for the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority to achieve these goals.

open space

Open Space. Clean Water. Wildlife. Local Food.

Measure Q in the upcoming election provides funding for the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority to achieve these goals. Visit for information on volunteer opportunities in support of Measure Q. Like Friends of Santa Clara Valley Open Space on Facebook.

Santa Clara has a gem and its name is Ulistac Natural Area

IMG_6337ca_e (1)

The 40 acres of the Ulistac Natural Area comprise about one third of one percent of the City of Santa Clara’s total land area.  According to the City’s application for the Open Space Authority grant funds:

Ulistac Natural Area was preserved as open space in an area with little undeveloped land availability.  There is (sic) no additional sites within the City of Santa Clara that offers the environmental features that Ulistac Natural Area provides.

UNA is the last opportunity in the City of Santa Clara to preserve the Valley’s original biosphere.


Lets Save Ulistac!

Proposed map mercury newsPeople working to protect Ulistac Natural Area, the last open space in the city of Santa Clara, from development.

Members of the Santa Clara City Coucil want to develop Ulistac Natural Area because they consider it an underutilized piece of land that could be used to make revenue for the city. Our goal is to make them realize the benefits these 40 acres of open space provide in ecosystem and cultural values for the entire Santa Clara Valley.

Sign up for our newsletter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay updated on the campaign and find ways to get involved. Click HERE to see what you can do as an                                                                          individual to help

A Council Ad Hoc Committee Additional Soccer Field Planning Meeting May 12, 2014

A Council Ad Hoc Committee Additional Soccer Field Planning Meeting was held at 4pm this afternoon at City Hall. Kolstad, Gillmor and Mahan were the Council Members present, along with the City Manager and Head of Parks and Rec.

The 3 items they wished to discuss were the immediate concerns for this season, the long term ideal of a possible new facility and the possibility of additional fields for the time in between.

The discussion regarding the immediate concerns was fairly quick as there was no-one present to answer the questions re. access to the current facility on game days and they are still investigating any ‘ready made’ fields where they can negotiate use on game days.

Gillmor made the point that there was no point in discussing the long term ideal, when there was a more pressing need for the other two items. Everyone was in agreement there.

This left the third item which concerns Ulistac the most. James Texiera ( Head of Parks and Rec) gave a short presentation showing the possible sites they are considering. The list of sites included Montague Park, Jenny Strand, Central Park, Waste Water Treatment Facility on Zanker, For Sale Property Searches (inc. industrial areas, Agnews East, Texas Instruments site), a portion of Ulistac, Live Oak Park and any others that people may suggest. He gave a brief run down of all the sites and a discussion followed between the council members and those of us who attended. All three council members seemed very open and friendly towards all of us there and were happy to hear all of our opinions.

It was suggested that not all 3 soccer fields would be in the same location, but could potentially be over 2 or 3 sites. The people at the meeting who are involved with the soccer facility accepted that this would probably be the case short and mid term, but in the long term, they would ideally need 3 on the same site.

Towards the end of the meeting, it was suggested by Gillmor that her preferred sites, from the list given, were Montague and Jenny Strand – no mention of Ulistac and all agreed! Please be aware that this IS NOT the final decision. It was just an opinion given at this meeting. We believe that the final decision will be taken by the full council, so there is still a chance that Ulistac is at risk.

There is another Ad Hoc Committee meeting next Monday, 19th May, at 4pm.

Ulistac in Peril: Santa Clara still eyes environmental gem for Soccer Fields

The city of Santa Clara is frantically searching for soccer fields. With the new 49ers stadium set to open in August, it has decided that due to worries about traffic, the adjacent Youth Soccer Park needs to be supplemented with new sports fields as soon as possible. The heated question is, where should these new soccer fields go?…High on the list for City Council and staff is Ulistac Natural Area…” (READ MORE)